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CE | Capital Partners
Venture capital

Competence meets capital.

Our approach

We invest in companies in special situations, such as carve-outs or distressed and other complex challenges.


We assume entrepreneurial responsibility right from the start and are actively involved in the day-to-day operations of our commitments.  

We pursue a long-term approach aimed at sustainable business development.




We have extensive expertise in consolidating companies.

We evaluate each investment against the background of a buy-and-build strategy.

Our focus is on leveraging operational and strategic synergies.

The following participation situations can be represented for us




Spin-off of a business unit /

of a subsidiary of the group of companies




Measures to improve

the organizational and business conditions

Management buy-out (MBO)

Management buy-in (MBI)

Other changes in the group of shareholders

Family succession

Succession solutions within the framework of family succession

Secondary buy-out

Disposals from the portfolio of a financial investor


Capital requirements for growth initiatives

(organic and inorganic)

Other occasions for participation are possible.



CE Capital Partners GmbH is an investment company based on the Hanseatic model, which makes capital available to companies worldwide independently of banks, investment funds or the capital market.


In the tradition of Hanseatic merchants, we see ourselves as an entrepreneurial partner for whom the long-term development and sustainable increase in the value of the company is the primary focus. We support companies not only as an investor, but rather as an active sparring partner in strategic decisions and, if there is an operational need, we also bring in a comprehensive network of experienced entrepreneurs and experts.


What distinguishes us above all is the wide variety of possible participation scenarios. Succession solutions, growth initiatives, other changes in the group of shareholders or spin-offs of business units. But also extremely challenging situations, such as turnarounds, or restructuring or reorganization, are some of the many investment situations that we have already successfully supported in our role as investor, consultant or entrepreneur. We invest in proven business models and convincing management teams, regardless of the industry. The investment capital for our commitments comes exclusively from private investors with an entrepreneurial background and from CE Capital Partners Management itself. In this respect, we can guarantee a very high level of transaction security at all times.


We invest in tried and tested business models and convincing management teams with potential, regardless of the sector. If we are convinced of an investment opportunity, in addition to our investors, we generally get involved financially, preferably through a majority stake with equity or equity-like funds. This enables us to guarantee a high level of transaction security and a high level of commitment to mutual success with every transaction.


We structure each transaction individually, according to needs and flexibly in terms of the investment horizon. Against this background, we deliberately avoid rigid fund structures and design the entire investment cycle together and in close coordination with company management.

What sets us apart

  • Hanseatic entrepreneurship

  • High transaction security

  • Partnership

  • Industry independence

  • Participation event flexibility

Our transaction sizes vary depending on the occasion. For guidance, we prefer companies with an annual turnover range between approx. EUR 50 million and EUR 1,000 million (before Corona) regardless of whether the operating result (LTM) is positive or negative. We are happy to consider companies with an outstanding market position or USP, even below the stated sales range.

Elbphilharmonie Hamburger Hafen



CE Capital Partners GmbH

Cremon 11, 20457 Hamburg


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